About Nanny for Expats

Nanny for Expats helps expats to find reliable child care at their home in the Netherlands. 

We deliver fast and flexible service and offer highly experienced nannies with an international scope. 

We do NOT offer extra paperwork, dozens of e-mails with possible nannies or anything else that would waste your time. ‘Cause that’s what we are good at: making your life simple and that of your children more fun thanks to our great nannies! 


We'd like to emphasize our goal which is making your life stress-free (or well...your private life at least). No need to fill in any forms, just leave your phone number or e-mail address behind and we will contact you! 


Nanny for Expats has a very personal approach in what we do, but we never forget to emphasize the importance of trust, security and liability. Because in the end it is all about your children! 

Therefore, we have standard placement procedures, reference checks and agreements. 

We also strongly recommend both the family as the nanny to work on basis of a mutual agreement set in a solid contract. Nanny for Expats provides such contract to make sure everyone involved is satisfied with all conditions and to cover liability. 





Does Nanny for Expats only place nannies within expat families, or also within Dutch families?
Of course we do!


We understand your needs in childcare