Behind the scenes

Emma van Balen – co-owner of Nanny for Expats 

Hi there!


Thanks for visiting our website to begin with!


I would love to tell you a bit more about my path to my first experience with Nanny for Expats to introduce myself to you.


I don’t know any better that being interested in children and their development. I taught my own first phrases after school to my little baby sisters the moment I got home. I visited my new born neighbor baby girls and boys (good news for me there were four!) as often as I could. And I’ve been babysitting since I was twelve; oh I felt so proud the first time!


It didn’t come as a surprise that I was planning on studing Child Development and Educations studies in Amsterdam after high school. During my study I worked at different daycares to experience the learning from my study, in practice. During that same period I also did some research to see how childcare at daycares could improve in and around Amsterdam. In my graduation year of study I was looking for more personal contact with the families and children than the daycare could offer me. That is how I came across Nanny for Expats. I was looking for an agency that would value my education and experience and place me within a family that would value this as well. I was looking for a family in need of a nanny who could really stimulate the development of their children.


I started with a shared nanny job through Nanny for Expats, taking care of two newborns which was a true challenge but a great experience. My second job was again a shared nanny job with two newborns, working for two international families in the very center of Amsterdam. I truly enjoy working with them.


The founder of Nanny for Expats decided to move to the USA and was looking for someone to take over the management of Nanny for Expats. Due to my nanny experience, passion for children and educational background, she asked if I was interested. It didn't take long before I said 'YES'!


Nanny for Expats is an agency that values the educational background of a nanny and stimulates and challenges her to develop herself in her job.


For families, Nanny for Expats offers professional childcare at home by placing highly experienced nannies with an international scope. We focus on a fast and flexible service (appointments are possible during week days, in the evenings and during the weekend, to accommodate working parents). As an agency we are engaged with the needs of the parents and once we placed a nanny, we remain involved in order to provide guidance and step in where help is needed.


My strength? Well, thanks to my educational background in Child Development & Education and childcare experience, I am able to empathize with the families' needs and understand what they are looking for. Due to my own experience as a nanny, I understand what a nanny needs in her job, how to recognize the value of her work experience and how to keep her happy in her nanny role. Nanny for Expats is convinced that a 'happy nanny  means happy children, which leads to a happy family' and that is a statement I fully support..


Please contact us for more information by sending us an email or give us a call!



Rhea Vaden - Family Consultant


Hello Nannies and Families,


Welcome to Nanny for Expats! I am the company's Family Consultant, which means I work with both nannies and families to help find the best matches for all involved. And I look forward to working with you. But first, a little about me.


I am an American/Dutch woman, born and raised in the United States. However, my father is from the Netherlands, and we visited almost every summer growing up. My parents took us to live in NL for one year when I was 14 years old. My sisters and I went to Dutch school, learned Dutch, and spent our school vacations traveling around Europe with our parents. After our year in the Netherlands, I developed a huge passion for travel, and I have spent my adult life traveling as much as possible. 


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from a U.S. university, and I worked for 7 years as a Registered Nurse around the country in the specializations of Labor and Delivery, as well as the Emergency Room. Recently, my husband and I started on a world adventure that first took us to Amsterdam for a few months. I stumbled upon Nanny for Expats during my job search and initially interviewed to work with the company as a nanny. However, as the length of time I would be in Amsterdam was uncertain, Emma and I started discussing what I could do for the company, and we came up with the Family Consultant position. So, here I am. 


I have 14+ years of experience working with children, starting with babysitting when I was 13. I took babysitting courses in summer school when I was 11-13 years old, learning basic first aid and CPR. In high school, I took a nursing assistant course, and eventually went on to study nursing at university. I have worked as a babysitter and a nanny, in a day care and a preschool, as well as with older children in an after school program. I have studied child development in school and have been working with children in a medical setting throughout my nursing career. 


As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are currently on a world adventure, traveling and living in different countries around the world. I am fortunate to have this opportunity with Nanny for Expats, as it allows me to work remotely from my computer in a rewarding and fulfilling position. I am here to help answer any and all of your questions and look forward to (virtually) meeting you all. Please feel free to contact me by email at






Anne Arends – founder & co-owner of Nanny for Expats 

Usually I do not like much text on a website, but since I might be the one who finds the nanny for your children, I think it’s good if you get to know me and why I started Nanny for Expats. 

When I just turned 18, I went to Turin, Italy, to work as an Au-Pair for an Italian family. Didn´t know then of course that this would definitely change my life…

Despite all the horrifying nappies, toys flying towards my head, being the favourite target for daily milk spit over my clean clothes…It is simply very special to be part of these children’s life.

I also loved learning about the Italian culture & language and enjoyed being part of another family who really made me feel at home. That family is still, after 10 years, part of my life.

Back in the Netherlands, I started studying International Tourism Management. Meanwhile, I did some babysitting for different families and worked fulltime as a Nanny myself for a Dutch business family in between the school terms.

After my study, I worked at Philips. There I met many expats who asked me to babysit now and then..I couldn’t resist of course. It´s that experience, looking after expats´ children, that made me start this agency. I have seen myself what expats need in terms of child care. They need absolute flexibility, as they do not have their friends and family around the corner to look after their children. They need someone dedicated to their family, and, they need someone fast. There are already so many things to arrange and discover when you start all over in a new country, that the basis for a calm and secure family life should be there (preferably) upon moment of arrival. Nanny for Expats is here to offer these families the help they need in terms of child care at home!

On the other side, having been a nanny myself, I know what I would like to improve about the job and I know what to offer to my nannies. I loved my job, but what was definitely missing, was the opportunity to be ambitious. You start working for a family, agree on your rate, and that’s it. You just keep hoping that the family is satisfied with you.... but there is barely a proper incentive for the nanny, no matter if you're a good, excellent or even outstanding Nanny. Nanny for Expats is here to offer the best nannies a rewarding nanny job that gives them fulfillment and encourages them to get the best out of themselves!





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