Does Nanny for Expats only place nannies in expat families or also in Dutch families?

We are an agency focussed on the demand of expat families by offering a fast and flexible service and by placing highly educated and multi-lingual nannies. We aim to make their life easier by being very flexible with appointments, being available 7 days per week and by avoiding that they need to fill in endless forms with all their preferences, descriptions of their family, etc. All these advantages are (very) nice-to-haves for ‘regular’ Dutch families as well so YES, we place nannies in any family.



What’s the difference between a Nanny and a Au-Pair according to Nanny for Expats?

Nannies are in general more experienced, therefore a bit older (20+) and they do not live in. Au-pairs are usually younger, less experienced and they live in with the family. Payment of the Au-Pair is based on a fixed price per week, while the salary of a Nanny is based on her hourly rate. Having an Au-Pair is a (valuable!) cultural exchange; the Au-Pair lives with the family and learns more about their culture and language. In return she takes care of their children and therefore receives pocket money. If you are looking for an Au-Pair, we recommend you to choose one of the Au-Pair agencies listed by the IAPA (International Au-Pair Association).


Why does Nanny for Expats only place Nannies and no Au-Pairs?

We prefer to work with Nannies to guarantee their 3-5 year experience, and we want to be able to interview them in person. We do work with Nannies of different nationalities, but they should all live in the Netherlands already. 


What’s the difference between a Nanny and Babysitter?

A Nanny works on fixed days and hours and she works on basis of a mutually signed agreement with the Family. Our Nannies are generally more experienced than Babysitters (thus spends more hours with the children) and also do household tasks related to the children, as part of their job. The hourly rate of a Nanny is usually a bit higher than the rate of a Babysitter. 



Why does the Nanny get a salary increase that often?

As in any other job, a person needs an incentive. To keep your Nanny satisfied and motivated, she needs an incentive as well. As her ‘growth path’ is rather limited within one family, it is very important to offer her growth and reward in her salary. Please keep in mind that the Nannies that we offer are young ladies with a fairly high study background. It is most likely that they will not be a Nanny for their whole life. Therefore, keeping them satisfied and offering them incentives, you motivate them to stay longer with your family.

Why is the salary increase that high?

A 5% salary increase for example sounds an awful lot, but: if your Nanny gets paid € 9,- per hour, we are talking about an increase of 45 cents per hour. If that makes her stay with your family, if that makes her happy and keeps her motivated, we think she is worth it! 


Is a Nanny cheaper or more expensive than Day Care in the Netherlands?

This totally depends on the following:
a) how many children you have: if you have two or more children, it is generally cheaper to have a nanny. At a day care centre you pay per child, while with a nanny you pay per hour, regardless if you have 2, 3 or 4 children. 

Example: at a day care centre they charge € 7,- per hour. If you need 3 days of day care per week, you need (3 x 10 hrs x 52 weeks per year) / 12 months = 130 hours per month. 
Costs of day care per month are: 130 x 7 = € 910,- per child 
If you have a nanny who gets paid € 10,- per hour, then you pay the following:
Costs of your nanny per month are: 130 x 10 = € 1300,- in total, regardless of number of children 

b) the quality and experience of the nanny: if you have a highly experienced nanny, multi-lingual, in possession of a university degree in pedagogy, yes, a nanny might be a bit more expensive. 

Though....never forget the luxury of 

  • having someone coming to your house to take care of your child(ren) 
  • never to hurry to the day care centre to bring them or pick them up just before closure 
  • no need to take a day off from work when your child is ill 
  • being able to keep the daily structure and therefore rest in your children’s life as they stay at home with someone they trust 

Who made the great drawings on
this website?

Andrea Martin made them! She is a German expat living in the Netherlands with her husband.
She loves to paint & we love her style.



Yes, we also place nannies with Dutch families!