Wenche Mittet (from UK)


I recently used the services from Rhea and Nanny for Expats and I highly recommend them. They do whatever it takes to support you finding the best ever nanny to meet your requirements for your little ones...and this means responding to emails day AND night. They are utterly professional but most of all they give it their ALL and deliver what they set out to do quicker and better than expected. I cannot tell you how impressed and grateful I am to have used their services and navigate the Dutch nanny system. 

Kristen and Patty Graham
(from South-Africa), Amsterdam


Nanny for Expats is a fantastic service run by a true professional Emma van Balen.  After much research into nanny services, the decision to partner with Nanny for Expats was easy: outstanding service, competitive rates and most importantly, an excellent pool of fully screened, professional nannies.  We operate a nanny-share with another family which has worked amazingly well.  We have personalized, dedicated care and education for our boys at the same cost as daycare.  Our nannies (we have two due to their availability on different days) quickly became an extension of our families.  They are impeccable, well-seasoned professionals, who are genuinely passionate about their work.  It goes without saying that our boys absolutely adore our nannies, and we feel completely at ease knowing that in our absence, we have made the best possible choice for their care.  I can highly recommend Nanny for Expats and wish them so much continued success. 

Nicholas John Lee and Michela Zanata
(from New-Zealand and Italy), Amsterdam 


Anne is a real sweetheart and we would thoroughly recommend her and Nanny for Expats to any international family. Anne is caring and thoughtful, always thinking of the kids and their parents, and trying to make their lives easier and happier. She is also playful and entertaining, finding a way to pass the hours with enthusiasm and interest – the kids just love her, and love having her around. It was so easy for our kids to communicate with her, and for her to find the right language, as her Italian (Mamma’s language) and English (Dad’s language) skills are excellent. We can only speak highly of her, and are sure that other expats will feel the same way

Olga and Francois Majeau
(from the Netherlands and France), IJsselstein 

For several years Anne Arends has been babysitting our three daughters Noa, Tiba and Layla. She did so from 2001 until 2010, not on a regular basis, but more than once in a while. We have always known Anne as a very warmhearted and cheerful young woman, a conscientious and hardworking person, pleasantly assertive but definitely no dominant personality. Anne is a very responsable woman, proactive in the sense that she sees the things to be done before they actually show up. Anne loves children and children adore Anne, that’s for sure. My daughters didn’t want to have any other nanny until this very moment, so we definitely have a problem here! Because of her experience and sensibility, Anne will know exactly which of her nannies fits you best. We wish Anne all the best with ‘Nanny for expats’ and we are convinced that she is the most reliable person you should contact if you need a good nanny for your kids. 

Mathias and Tinne (from Belgium), Amsterdam

Anne herself is really the best nanny you can imagine! Anne used to babysit often for our son and daughter, who loved her from the first moment and are always looking forward to see her. The kids enjoy every moment with Anne, as she feels them very well, always has a nice game to play and can be severe with them when needed. For us as parents it's great to know they are in very good hands with Anne, and to know the kids will have a good time, while at the same time knowing that Anne respects the values and education of the parents. We can recommend her to anyone looking for a great nanny!