We always start with a friendly smile and get-to-know-you chat.

Without any obligation...you tell us about your family and what you’re looking for, and we tell you about our nannies and our way of working. 

That’s it. 

It’s then up to you if you like us to find you your Nanny! 

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What can you expect from our nannies and babysitters?

In case you do, this is how we help you: 

1. we make an appointment to have a video chat/phone call to get a good impression of the family, situation, and needs 

2. we create a profile for your family 

3. we offer you our Agreement for Nanny placement, in which we both agree to work together to get that great nanny for your family 

4. after signing the agreement, the 30 day recruitment period starts. In max. 30 days we will propose at least one or two potential nannies that fit your requirements! Note: when we propose a candidate, we  provide a resume and extensive report based on our interview with the candidate.

5. If you accept the Nanny, you will both sign an Employment Contract to make sure all agreements are set in a solid contract and to avoid liability risks. Nanny for Expats can provide you such contract, but you are free to use any kind of contract. 


Conclusion: we can find you a nanny
within one month! 

Our Placement Procedure includes:

  • Personal interviews with potential nannies or babysitters, including reports
  • A reference check of at least two previous employers (including at least one family)
  • A CRB check 
  • We will make sure that the nanny or babysitter will posess a First Aid for Children Certificate  


In case you would like to know more about our placement procedure,

contact us!